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Interview with Greg, guitarist of Faceless Culture
Question: Hey Greg, what's up?
Answer: Nothing much man.

Q: What new elements is FC bringing to the upcoming album? Are you guys experimenting more or fine tuning your Untamed sound?
A: Well, we're doubling the amount of songs from Untamed, to Wanna Be Reckless. We plan to have a SPECIAL EDITION for the album.

Q: Untamed was a huge success, do you think the fans will dig the new album just as much? Are you guys hoping to expand your fan base or keep the current fans really happy?
A: Well, they'll have a smile on their face.... or a headache from headbanging too hard. We HOPE to expand our fan base a lot, and we think we will.

Q: Why did you guys pick the title "Wanna Be Reckless"?
A: That's the only title I liked. We didn't wanna do all that voting and stuff, but they let me choose.

Q: What were some lessons from Untamed & Pedigree that you guys will take with you for the next album?
A: Well, from Untamed, we gotta make some good songs. And since everyone is SO EXCITED for the upcoming album, I bet it will have more downloads than Untamed AND Pedigree COMBINED!

Q: Broke Bones is FC's best video as of yet! How much did it cost? How'd the production of it go?
A: It cost somewhere from $200-300, our manager paid for it. The production went pretty good man.

Q: How has POM Records helped you guys?
A: Holy crap, our fame went up so high, you couldn't be higher!

Q: How's it been hanging around the other bands on the label?
A: Pretty cool, me and Winston have some beers once in a while, we hang with A LOT of the bands.

Q: You guys are on the POM Warped Tour & the front band for Faceless Fest. Are you guys excited?
A: YES, we are so fucking excited!! We've been waiting for Faceless Fest!! FC at Vana's was a blast, but like our music vids AND POM Warped Tour, we're gonna have more advanced recording!

Q: Are you guys going to show off new songs from the upcoming album at Faceless Fest?
A: We plan to show off one song, but we don't know yet.

Q: A lot of us can't wait to hear the new stuff. Cheers!
A: Cheers! To the best FC Album coming soon!

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