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1. Karma
2. Whisper Creek
3. Childhood Toys
4. Elysian Manifest
5. The Farm Boy and The Moon
6. Explorers of Egypt (ft. Kruxsaur)

7. Downward Spirals
8. Like Machines Do
9. Seeping
10. Elysium In Binary
11. A Ghost Story (demo)

New band, new album! An eclectic, pseudo-concept, hard rock album featuring a guest appearance by the reclusive artist Kruxsaur. There's something for everyone here, so enjoy it!

*includes album note

A Progressive Hard Rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee!
Management by Loss1010
Photo by ScottsRepublic
Scouted by Burger

Sorry, have to post these because I'm happy & proud. =D
*certificates made by Shock-Shatter