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1. Intro
2. Apathy
3. Decree Of A Thousand Souls
4. Wasting Time
5. Bubbles
6. At the Doctor's Office
7. The Best Medicine
8. Surreal
9. The Story Of My Ever Changing Life
10. The Chill of November
11. He Just Wanted To Be Wanted
12. A Moment Stuck In Free Fall
13. Hidalgo Ain't Singing No More
14. The Essence of Mankind
15. Requiem for the Living
16. The Midnight Sun
After a lineup and name change, Giant O' Mine releases 'Surreal,' an LP containing 16 tracks. Delving into a new and more experimental sound in this album, Giant O' Mine shows its flexibility in terms of song creation and their improvement in their musical abilities.

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1. Just Let it Rain
2. Bittersweet (feat. Zarpa_Perras)
Suicide By Spoon's Second Single featuring crowd favorite "Just Let it Rain" as well as a second track, Bittersweet, featuring the solo guitarist known only as Zarpa_perras. Will there be more collaborations between the two? Who knows...

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1. Home Run
2. Constipation Theory
3. Third Way
4. Ride The Waves
5. Landmines
6. Ennui And Solitude
7. Long Days
8. Battlegrounds
9. That Far
10. Looking Beyond The Sunset
11. Close Call
12. Diarrhea Hits
13. Epic Ending
14. Frozen Frame
15. Screw The Rabbits

Land Of The Rising Star is Scott's Republic's debut album. The whole album is a collection of the band's favorite songs from their 2010 songs. It was heavily inspired by Jeff's (Scott's Republic's bassist) anime addiction.

Scott’s Republic is a four-piece instrumental band from the Philippines.