Question: What exactly is your logic in releasing the band's next album, The Blue Lodge, so soon after your previous effort?

Answer: The Red Lodge was, in a lot of ways, a very flawed album. Simply put: we rushed it out and then later found that it was... um... I don't know, man - it was just missing something. It was missing that sort of energy that made The White Lodge work. I mean, don't get me wrong - it's a great record, but it's really one-sided. It was a bit boring and the only energy it had was this tense, sort of nervous energy. It was an interesting record, but it was also a very unlistenable record, if you know what I mean. It had no accessibility. The Blue Lodge is an effort to fill in what was missing and create a worthy follow-up to The White Lodge. The Blue Lodge is like the other side of the coin. It was something that needed to be created.

Q: So you didn't feel entirely comfortable with The Red Lodge?

A: There were a lot of unrefined ideas. Good ideas, definitely, but way unrefined. The Blue Lodge tones back the complexity a bit. It's a much more spacious album, which isn't to say that it's slow-paced - it's probably our "punkiest" record yet. it just... inhabits its time significantly better. It's our shortest record, but it's strong from one side to the other.

Track from The Red Lodge

Q: You worked with three artists on this album - Agent Ohoolahan, Chester, and The Random Factor. How was it working with them?

A: It was a breeze. I mean, with Agent's song ("What Happened?") being the single, obviously we feel quite strongly about it. Chester and The Random Factor are also absolutely fantastic artists. "109," is quite possibly my favorite track; it's definitely the one with the most ambition and "meat."

Q: You dropped the Progressive part of, "Progressive Hard Rock." What's your reasoning behind that move? Marketing?

A: It's just unnecessary. The word, "Progressive," has certain connotations to it that we feel like we've never quite fit under. And even if we did, we aren't going in that direction anymore.

Q: Why is this Lodge blue?

A: Beyond Blue being on the opposite end of the spectrum to red; it's also because this album has a feeling of "airiness" to it. Red is an erratic colour. Blue is a more relaxed, more focused colour. It also probably has something to do with my favorite colour being Blue.

Q: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the track, "Nunc Anima Mea," is an older track from before even The White Lodge, correct?

A: Correct. It's one of the best things we've done, honestly. Obviously it's been reworked slightly, but it was a surprisingly good fit regardless. It's a pattern really, on every release we tend to have one or two refitted songs from our past. Reworking old songs is a great way to find direction.

Q: To wrap up, what are the band's immediate plans for the future?

A:  Probably another Lodge, among other things. We've finished three albums this year, imperfect though they may be. We aren't planning on stopping any time soon. Probably take a bit of a break, though. Don't want to die and such.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. This Band is Full of Spiders will be dropping their third album later this year on POM Records. Be on the look out!
Zenester: So I heard you're going to be making a documentary. What's your documentary going to cover?
FC: It's going to cover the whole story of the band from when it started up until today, stuff from the band that people don't know about, how it all started. Basically just letting all FC info out.

Zenester: What are some things to look out for?
FC: So far, look out for somethings that are going to be teased in the credits, album stuff, a lot.
But we are going to leave a surprise for FC fans at the end.

Zenester: For a refresher, can you explain the history of Faceless Culture?
FC: You'll have to find out about that when the movie comes out around Summer 2014.

Zenester: Haha, alright. Now, what was the band's greatest accomplishment?
FC: It had to be between 80+ downloads from Untamed on POM Records or making this film.

Zenester: And would you say that Untamed would be the album that FC is the most proud of?
FC: Somewhat yes, but later on an album is going to top that.

Zenester: What is your new album going to be like?
FC: It's going to bring both FC and Redemption back in one, 8 new FC tracks, 8 re-made Redemption tracks, and 3 bonus tracks.

Zenester: So many surprises! When will it be released or is that yet to be announced?
FC: It is yet to be announced but we'll go ahead and tell y'all, THIS MONTH.

Zenester: Can't wait! Next question. How has your touring been?
FC: The Road to Redemption tour? We haven't got to it yet, we need more bands.

Zenester: How many more bands?
FC: As many as we can get, we're going across the world!

Zenester: I hope that gets accomplished? Now, you have a strong reputation ever since you got signed. When you were first signed to POM records, how did you feel or what was it like to be on a record label?
FC: We felt stoked! POM Records was the first record we ever got our music out there. Also, our first FC album was posted on there. And to see the downloads stacking up, we felt we made an impact so early in our career. It puts your name out there, it build up fans, confidence, and dedication.

Zenester: What's your favorite thing about being in a band?
FC: We get to bring more metal to metal fans, and get fans. We also love to interact with them, share stuff and get ideas from them.

Zenester: That's great! As for Faceless Culture, what are your plans for the future?
FC: A lot, more on that later on.

Zenester: Like, any new music videos?
FC: Yes, planning on one right now.

Zenester: What song is it going to be for?
FC: We're keeping it a secret but it's coming out soon!

Zenester: Neat! I'm gonna conclude the interview and here's the last question, is there anything else we should know?
FC: 3, just think about it.

Zenester: 3 years? 3 albums? 3 seems vague to me but it sure seems to be worth the wait! Thanks  for the interview!
FC: You're welcome!

Check out more from Faceless Culture here:
Question: Where the hell have you guys been?

Answer: Let's just say an extra long holiday! We had no idea what to do next after Fight Back, especially considering it took a lot out of us. All our best work, not something just to get sales, something to really make an impact on our fans.

Q: So what is Evolution? How has the band progressed?

A: Evolution is basically just showing how we've progressed in the music world. The tracks some of our fans won't recognize are songs we wrote before signing onto this record label. We felt that our community would want to see who we were before our big releases. Hello Good Times of Old was written at least 5 months before our first release here, as was Peasant. That Bitter Taste a few will recognize, personally my favorite song because I get some awesome stuff to back, as it's our latest addition. The band certainly has progressed, even Haza will say that! You can see that in the music, I don't need to tell newcomers to our band that.

Q: The album contains three new tracks and three previous ones. How did you decide on which three previous to put in?

A: This wasn't massively my decision, Haza had the last word. But I think he made a good choice. He chose three of our best, voted by the fans, and had a look over three older songs. He chose three songs that not many people had heard, that our fans hadn't seen yet. They show how much we've come along! It's funny because back then, we thought the songs we wrote then were the best we'd ever write. But a few months down the line, we're writing big hitters that bring in more and more fans every week.

Q: When putting together the three new tracks (Hello Good Times of Old, Peasant & The Bitter Taste), what was going through your minds? What did you guys want to show your fans regarding your Evolution?

A: What we wanted, was to show how much can change when you put your mind to it. Back then, when we were a mere small-town band, we thought we'd never get up there, never be like Spanky Revolution, never be like 1st Assault. Those guys are our heroes man, serious. And to be mentioned in the same breath as them, that's an honor. We just wanted to reveal our journey here.

Q: The albums Fight Back and Light's Absence were released in the Fall of 2012. How do guys feel about their chart status? Are you guys happy with your previous albums and how they've done?

A: Fight Back is certainly one of our highlights so far. At the current moment, 23 downloads is amazing for us. The lower downloads on our previous releases just show how far we've come. Sure, we'd like more. Faceless Culture are sure getting there, but we just don't want to go down that route, the mainstream heavy metal route. Their music is good, very good in fact, but we don't want to become that kind of band. Lee said one time that "When everyone's heads go down, we want to be that band people fall to". Positivity is what we strive for.

Q: So now that Evolution is on the label. What are your plans? Any tours or promotional events? or are you guys going to play it smooth, stay unseen and some time later release some more awesome tracks?

A: We don't really know at this time. I think Haza had some idea of inviting some bands from here to a one night only event, but apart from that we will stay in the shadows. The Night Before may leap out occasionally so look out for that! Personally, we probably won't release anything big anytime soon here, but hey, we're gonna try, get out there, for the fans, for us, for music. Here's to Evolution.
Note: Haza is the bands manager
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Q1: On the album, what will be the most common genre the music will be? And will it be themed?

A1: Heavy friggin' metal! And yes, it will be themed. Untamed 2 is wrapping up the POM 2 storyline of the band FC. And then when POM Pro comes out, FC is gonna be back :P

Q2: Ya'll good?

A2: You bet we are :P

Q3: Where did you get the idea for a name?

A3: We got the idea when Untamed topped 50+ downloads, and we've planned to make a second installment to one of our albums :P, and we thought Untamed deserved it.

Q4: Anymore releases on the way?

A4: Untamed 2, and others! But we're going to keep that a secret for now.

Q5:  When's your next tour?

A5: Well, we're on Evening Sun's I.C.H.Y.L.Y.M tour. And we might have a Untamed 2 tour, more details on that in the future.

Q6: Loved your appearance in POM Warped Tour... Are you going to team up with other bands in the future?

A6: Well, first of all, thanks for saying so :D. And YES, yes we are!

Q7: Which song took the longest to compose? Which was the most difficult?

A7: Well, we're not sure about that yet :P. And the most difficult, not yet decided lol.

Whelp, thank you for sending in your questions! Some random and some about UNTAMED 2 . Untamed 2 is coming in 2013. Now let the band get back in the studio to get recording. Got some music videos coming soon! Have a nice day and ready up for Untamed 2! -FC