1st Assault is out with their latest song! It's been a very long time since they released something! Get ready to headbang! 
Grab the original Untamed and the newer Untamed 2 in this Faceless Culture - Untamed Combo Pack!  Untamed is the most widely downloaded on POM Records with 100 copies sold so far! If you don't have either of the albums then here's your chance to own two of the best METAL albums on the label & in the POM world!
Faceless Culture shows off a heavy track from Untamed 2 that was made for headbanging! If you enjoy this song, get more with Untamed 2! COMING SOON!  There's also a hint of influence from 1st Assault's song Blood Money in there too.
After coming back from their successful performance on the POM Warped Tour and winning The Corner's Battle of the Bands 3, the band decided to give the fans what they wanted. They went into the studio and finished their latest album Hero of War 4: Return of The Hero. Last Light is their first music video for the album.