After a long hiatus, the dudes from 1st Assault took up their friends offer to play a gig at Vana's.  We were also lucky enough to have POM TV their recording the whole thing! They played an older, unused, rough song that rumors say is suppose to be in their still in-progress Windy City Takeover album.  When Winston, the bands lead guitarist, was asked about the gig he responded:
Fucking aye, we play one song and now we get interviewed? It's just a damn  simple gig for our buddy. It's not a big deal. We got tired of the other shit we're going through and just needed to get on stage a bit, so we were offered a spot. Don't get your panties all wet thinking we're back in full force. Got it? 
Either way the crowd was ecstatic & surprised. What do you guys think of their tune? 

The POM People Awards are here! What are the POM People Awards? They're a way of highlighting some of the people who have made the Punk-o-Matic community great! Members of the community are nominated for a variety of categories by their peers and then the top 3 from each category with the most nominations are selected. So now it's time to vote for a winner of those categories!
This is an annual event that's just for fun! Special thanks goes out to member Zenester for motivating everyone and putting the awards together!