The Night Before - Fun And Games
Justify - Saving Julie
Justify - Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
This Band Is Full Of Spiders, Chester, Varangian - 109
Conscientia - One Final Stand
Megafan11 - Justice Prevails
1st Assault - Windy City Takeover
Justify, Reach, Powerstars - Child's Hand
Agent Ohoolahan - Pusher Love Girl
Released: (8-17-13)
Authors: Powerstars, Hazaman, Megafan11, megadeth52
Rofl Monster - Going In Screaming
Jorxy - The Beast
The Random Factor - Phases Of Existence
Body Doubles - Send My Regards (Indie Showcase)
Nothing Personal - Blood At The Papers
Powerstars - My Body Is Ready (What's Wrong With You?)
Conscientia - The Uprise

Released: (7-26-13)
Authors: Powerstars, Hazaman, Shock-Shatter

The Buttercream Boys - Dive Bomb
Razor Wind - Redcrasher
Conscientia - One Final Stand
The Buttercream Boys - The Llama King
Anthem For Insubordinates - Rolling Balls
Agent Ohoolahan - Not An Option
Musical Degeneracy - Dealing Earaches

Released:  (6-15-13)
Authors: Powerstars, Hazaman
Radio Night is a monthly radio show that showcases new upcoming artists that need that time in the spotlight. Radio Night also accepts promotions or requests by other users to also be on the show. You do not have to be on POM Records to be on it!  Are you interested in showcasing your band? Check out the thread:
Hey all, we have a cool new weekly radio broadcast! Rottin Randy will be doing POMcasts highlighting the best music on the label & he'll be a complete dick about it; hilarious. So tune in, take a listen!