Hey, the polls for the PPA are up and ready! Please cast your votes!

You have until January 2nd to vote! Every vote is appreciated. If you're a finalist, do what you can and gather support. If  you want to support the PPA, I would like to ask you to link to the page as often as possible, The more votes, the betterWhen the polls close, the results will be gathered and the results will be up on January 20th.

Good luck, everyone! The PPA was fun to run. 





POM RECORDS is going through a content overhaul currently.  We've been on a bit of a hiatus but there's
a bunch of new stuff coming up including some design changes. Thanks for checking us out!
POM RECORDS has reopened!

There's still a few things I'm tweaking, optimizing and making better but overall the site is functional and I didn't want to hold up the site any longer. It's not a HUGE change but the redesign I think is much nicer & fuller. The old design felt really boxed in.  The band pages have been improved also. I've incorporated what we did from the other community site "The Corner". I spent a bunch of hours fixing everything to fit the new format/sizing, making graphics, etc but if you find a bug, link that doesn't go anywhere or any other issues then contact me. Leave a comment about the new design on here and I hope you guys enjoy the site!  -TheGhostofRickJames