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1. A Heart In Solitude
2. Remains Of A Pictured Love
3. Farewell, Last Drop Of The Rain

4. Seconds Of Passion
5. Ladies With Gentlemen
6. The Final Curtain

This bands name may be difficult to say at first but it alludes to the complex and rich sound this EP has.

This is Euphemria's very first conceptual EP, which is also their debut. The album features the very first successful song of Euphemria, which is "Remains Of A Pictured Love". The album has some theatrical songs/parts in it, which emphasize more the feelings; more often described as "songs of sadness." The first three songs - A Heart In Solitude, Remains Of A Pictured Love, and Farewell, Last Drop Of The Rain are actually based on Nathan's written stories, so its flow is continuous. While Seconds Of Passion, is a cheer up song for those who want to give up something, but they shouldn't. The last two tracks - Ladies With Gentlemen and The Final Curtain are separate, but just as interesting stories.

An alternative rock band from the Philippines!
Management by Nathan
Photo by Nathan