After coming back from their successful performance on the POM Warped Tour and winning The Corner's Battle of the Bands 3, the band decided to give the fans what they wanted. They went into the studio and finished their latest album Hero of War 4: Return of The Hero. Last Light is their first music video for the album.
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1. Heroes Never Die
2. The Great Divide
3. The Hero Arrives
4. Flaming Desire
5. The Plan
6. The Time to Strike

7. The Destroyer
8. Inferno
9. Last Light
10. To A New Land
11. The End

The epic Hero of War era continues with the "Return of the Hero". This 11 track album is the return from hiatus for Poetic; feeling as though it is their best album to date.  Feel the power, the emotion, and the suspense that Poetic has always tried to bring to their music by downloading it now!

Long time music world veterans from Iowa!
Management & Photo by poepoe29