Faceless Culture
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1. Retribution
2. Marathon
3. Battle
4. Trench
5. Mad Death
6. Consequences
7. Opposite
8. Project X

9. The End of the Road
10. Crush The World
11. Dreams
12. Drag Me Back
13. Alchemist Raptor
14. Make Up Your Mind
15. Die Alone
16. Heroes
17. Chill Pill
18. Fall of Justice
19. Remember Me
Bringing both worlds together. Faceless Culture is back with their most longest album yet, featuring 8 brand new made tracks, 8 remade tracks from their "Redemption" times and 3 bonus tracks that will leave you amazed. Redemption brings Faceless Culture Then and Now together!  Just like the good ol' times.....with a ton of headbanging!
*Tracks 9-16 are from the bands early "Redemption" days.
*Tracks 17-19 are bonuses

The Random Factor
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1. Self-Deception
2. Controversy
3. An Eccentric Addiction
4. Megalomania
5. Hallucination

6. Phases of Existence
7. Afterlife
8. Fantasia
9. A Graveyard of Flowers
10. Rest

This is the final studio album from The Random Factor!  This album is a culmination of all the raw talent the band has and a big farewell to their fans. We at POM Records are proud to support this band who will be leaving a lasting legacy of great progressive albums. Be sure to download & comment because this is one of the finest albums ever produced!
*includes backcover

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1. Remembrance Of The Past
2. Painless Suicide
3. Evil? Only Your Best Friend
4. Soldiers Of A Baron Battlefield
5. Wrongs And Rights
6. We Reign In Spain
7. May First
8. Spirited Young Soul
9. Penny For My Thoughts
10. Hems (Ft. Loss1010)
11. The Rotten Fruits Of Our Labor
Bonus  In Another World (Ft. Kruxsaur, Loss1010)
Welcome to Dissonance's debut album, "Minimalism." This album has been in the pocket for quite sometime, just waiting to be released. From the album cover, to the overall sound of the album, Dissonance delivers a whole new feel to the world of POM music, with melodic aspects, as well as energetic, effectively dissonant progressions. The bass, unlike other albums on POM, carries a very large percentage of the band's sound and feel, and gives a fuller, more intricate sound to every song that you'll hear on this album. We hope you enjoy, "Minimalism."

Nothing Personal
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1. Witness Guilty
2. Gates
3. Minimalism
4. Blood At The Papers
5. My Labyrinthine Head

6. The Gallows Tree
7. Farewell
8. Another Side Of The Story
9. Rule Over All! (ft. Sons Of Seven Less)
10. We Shall Stand (ft. Hello Sunrise)

The guys of Nothing Personal decided to release their album on a big label! Their debut comes with 10 songs including 2 bonus collaboration.  If you'd like to know more about this band from L.A. check out their biography!  CLICK HERE
*includes album notes