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1. Intro
2. All Over
3. Back Again
4. Bag of Anarchy
5. Beautiful
6. Brass Nucks Gone Wild
7. Broken Bones
8. Crashing Down
9. Dimmed Faith

10. Driving Through Flames
11. Fight Back
12. Hope No More
13. It Remains II
14. Lollipop Cover
15. So Far Away
16. Sparks Fly
17. Two Weeks ATR cover
18. Winner

This album is set to be their best and longest album YET. It includes loud head-banging metal tracks and if you listened to It Remains (from self titled album), they return with IT REMAINS II! Download this album and be revealed to some amazing work from Faceless Culture!
Production by RIOTMAK3R
Managed by Faceless Culture 
Album Art by
Scott of Scott's Republic
14/12/2012 03:01:12 pm

Awesome album guys! We, Scott's Republic, already have a favorite track from this album which is "All Over". You guys never fail to bring the "heavy" in metal. Great job!

Dalton - Faceless Culture
18/12/2012 09:08:08 pm

If you think this is the best, you haven't seen SHIT! Watch our new album reveal on 1-1-13 and you'll completely shit yourself! And also ask some questions about the new album, what's gonna be on it and shit, and we'll answer them in a video on 1-2-13! http://facelessculturepom.weebly.com/qa-1-2-13.html


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