The Blue Lodge
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1. It Came From The Sea...
2. 109 (ft. Chester and The Random Fact)
3. Sister Abigail
4. Primal Vogue
5. Nunc Anima Mea
6. (You Were Happy) What Happened? (Ft. Agent Ohoolahan)
7. The Azure Tide
8. Lifeblood
Bonus. Immortality Freaks
This Band is Full of Spiders is back. With another f*****g album. They don't know how either. After wrapping up production on The Red Lodge, the band decided to take a step back and look at where they wanted to go with their music. They weren't completely satisfied with The Red Lodge; it was rushed - the product of stress and anxiety. They wanted something a little more focused, but relaxed as well. Throwing back in the Post-Hardcore/Punk-ish sensibilities from The White Lodge with some of the ambition from The Red Lodge, the band quickly crafted The Blue Lodge.  The Blue Lodge is the true follow-up to The White Lodge and the band considers it by-far-and-away their best effort thus far. Enjoy folks. 

*The Bonus Track: Immortality Freaks is a bit of a teaser of the direction the band will be going in for their next album. Stay tuned.
Production & Management by Loss1010
Cover Art by TheGhostofRickJames
Alex ~ The Random Factor
22/9/2013 06:10:38 am

Definitely TBIFOS's best effort song-wise so far. The songwriting is focused and inspired, giving this album a solid status among its peers. AMAZING JOB.

23/9/2013 10:43:38 am

Definitely one of the best albums of this label.I'll surely download once Darius fix the van's net.We're on a tour here and it's a rush.

26/9/2013 10:43:46 pm

Chris Gentry's drum work is absolutely sick on this album!


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