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1. We Will Let You Down (Intro)
2. The Reason I'd Breathe
3. Blood On Your Shoes
4. Speak White
5. Tempete Ecarlate
6. This Is How We Died
7. Girls Ahead
8. Snow On The Church's Roof
9. Here Comes The Revolution III

Tempête Écarlate; in French, it stands for "Scarlet Storm". This album is not a regular Spanky Revolution album. Take it as the last. Take it as the darkest, heaviest, loudest record we provided. It's a record you feel. A record of atmosphere. We started our career with a Snowstorm and we shall end it the same way, providing the best storm you ever felt through your bones.

*includes exclusive booklet
Production, Management & Artwork by SpankyRevolution
27/9/2012 12:20:49 pm

This album is amazing! And I mean, let's be honest, the booklet is the best booklet you've ever seen!

Wolffman (Nothing Personal)
3/8/2013 06:48:20 am

Dude,this is a nice album.Tottaly worth the download time

25/9/2014 10:07:45 am

Goddamn this rocks!


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