POM RECORDS has reopened!

There's still a few things I'm tweaking, optimizing and making better but overall the site is functional and I didn't want to hold up the site any longer. It's not a HUGE change but the redesign I think is much nicer & fuller. The old design felt really boxed in.  The band pages have been improved also. I've incorporated what we did from the other community site "The Corner". I spent a bunch of hours fixing everything to fit the new format/sizing, making graphics, etc but if you find a bug, link that doesn't go anywhere or any other issues then contact me. Leave a comment about the new design on here and I hope you guys enjoy the site!  -TheGhostofRickJames
Zen - Hello Sunrise
21/4/2013 09:40:29

The new change is much nicer and everything is spread out. Nice work!

Scott's Republic
21/4/2013 20:02:53

The new design is definitely better than the old one. It's more organized and a lot easier to navigate. It's dimensions are also bigger (something that I really love because it has more space for more content).

As for the things to improve on, I've noticed that the "Videos" page takes a long time to load and sometimes it crashes.

But well, everything else is great so great job on redesigning this website, Ghost! Your hard work has paid off!

28/8/2013 04:12:54

i wanted to know if i could get a site like this http://cookies-biscuits.weebly.com/spanky-revolution.html and you guys post in on your site i been playing punk o mastic since 2004 and my band is called hucksole so plz contact me back pec


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