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1. No One At The Grave
2. A Brighter Day
3. Edge Of 'Yer Seat!
4. The Song That Has No Name
5. The Mistakes I've Made X
6. Rifftastic
7. You Don't Care
8. Life Lost
9. You Love Me, But I Hate You
10. My Vision is Warped
11. The Mistakes I've Made (original)
A humble band trying to make it & have fun while following their dream of rocking out. They are reinventing themselves in the greatest possible way! Relive every skull-shatteringly awesome moment from the final days of Cookies And Biscuits Records with this re-release.
* The Mistakes I've Made X is a remake by 1st Assault & Suicide By Spoon
* Life Lost features TehNoobKiller
Production & Management by Powerstars
Album Art by Spectre
Scouted by Zenester
Chris - This Band is Full of Spiders
2/4/2013 07:49:59 pm

This CD is bloody ballin', man. It's very original.


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