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1. Remembrance Of The Past
2. Painless Suicide
3. Evil? Only Your Best Friend
4. Soldiers Of A Baron Battlefield
5. Wrongs And Rights
6. We Reign In Spain
7. May First
8. Spirited Young Soul
9. Penny For My Thoughts
10. Hems (Ft. Loss1010)
11. The Rotten Fruits Of Our Labor
Bonus  In Another World (Ft. Kruxsaur, Loss1010)
Welcome to Dissonance's debut album, "Minimalism." This album has been in the pocket for quite sometime, just waiting to be released. From the album cover, to the overall sound of the album, Dissonance delivers a whole new feel to the world of POM music, with melodic aspects, as well as energetic, effectively dissonant progressions. The bass, unlike other albums on POM, carries a very large percentage of the band's sound and feel, and gives a fuller, more intricate sound to every song that you'll hear on this album. We hope you enjoy, "Minimalism."
Production & Management by BassedGod
Artwork by scottsrepublic
Scouted by Loss1010

Kniss - This Band is Full of Spiders
18/10/2013 02:22:09 pm

Best album on this label people. Download it.

Donn - Anthems For Insubordinates
18/10/2013 02:26:26 pm

Genius! I love this album so much!

Egbert2011 - Life Of a Lucid Dreamer
3/11/2013 06:07:16 pm

This album is absolutely amazing. Keep it up!


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