The Red Lodge
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1. Reeds: From the Lake of Nightmares, My Sister the Raven
2. In Another World (Ft. Kruxsaur, BassedGod)
3. Delirium
4. Some Kind of Fracture
5. Feral (Ft. The Random Factor)
6. Last of the Starmakers (Ft. Milzam)
7. Genesis
8. The Funeral Home (Where We Come From)
Bonus. A Perfect Shadow
Bonus Totality
Ladies and gentleman, we are here to confirm that This Band is Full of Spiders is, in fact, still full of spiders - rather large ones, in fact. All of the cobwebs have been dusted off with this brand new follow-up/companion piece to our debut album. Featuring more collaborations* than the latest effort by Timbaland and decidedly more stylistic flourish than The White Lodge and Timbaland's entire existence combined. This album will kick your ass in a subtle, yet sophisticated way... or not. It depends, but the point stands. This is an album combining many disparate styles into what seems to be a cohesive whole. Our first album was White, a color or decided lack of color partially associated with the phrase "washed out". White isn't vibrant, it's boring; it's dull and it's faded. This album is Red, a color characterized by the ambition, passion, and the fire by which makes it stand out. And if standing out isn't the point, then what is the point?

*Tracks 9 & 10 are bonuses
*This Band is Full of Spiders would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You and a big metaphorical hug to those artists (Varangian/The Random Factor, Milzam, Kruxsaur, BassedGod, scottsrepublic) that made this album possible. Without them, this album would never have come to fruition and the band would be still be drowning in it's own writer's block and copious amounts of booze-coffee (It's when you mix booze an- Ah, forget it).
Productions & Management by Loss1010
Cover by scottsrepublic

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