Review by Powerstars
Normally, I don’t like songs longer than 3 minutes. Why? Cause they get too dang long and repetitive! The Random Factor throws all that out the window with their debut album, “Random!” Let’s check it out! First off, they give every instrument its turn! I love how they gives the bass a chance to shine in tracks like “Betrayer Of Hope". They really knows what to do with that thing! Also, the drums occasionally get the spotlight, in songs like “Shattering Illusions". The rhythm is also really crunching in the heavier stuff. I have to say, my favorite songs on the album are the heavier ones like “A Paradise That Never Was"; Those are really cool!

Now, I can’t pick an overall favorite. They’re all too good! Another cool thing they did was have certain songs segue into one another like “A Paradise That Never Was” into “The Darkest Of Dreams". I really look forward to the rest of their stuff, considering the great job they've done on this album! If there’s one thing I didn’t like, it’s that the album itself started boring me after a while.

The Random Factor, if you’re reading this, here’s something you should work on. For the love of all things holy, make some songs with more original bridges! By the end of the album, I felt those coming from a mile away! Mix a up a bit! Other than that, the album was really good.

So, lets rate this bad boy!

Creativity: 9/10 
Musicianship: 10/10 
Enjoyability: 9.5/10 
Overall Grade: 9.5/10

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