Reporter: Thank you for accepting our invitation Mr Jones. We very much appreciate it. So, lets get the ball rolling quickly with your band's new album. What can we expect to see?

Mr. Jones: As I'm sure are aware, we released a small section of information to our fan base regarding the tracks and expected date of release. Of course, we did fail to gather the majority of information by the date in question so we decided to take our time in preparing it all for our fans. If your question was aimed at our music front, you can expect to see a very big change in how the band write their music. We have taken a couple of workshops for the 4 to..."re-inspire them" so to speak. I feel that it has worked very successfully as I hope you will agree. My boys really pushed the boat out for you, our fans, to get some good material for our monthly release. Even though they seem to be a little lack-luster now with their enthusiasm as they have been working 24/7 on this, I'm sure the effort that they put in will swiftly be rewarded.

R: I'm sure all our readers and fans will be very much looking forward to this. You say The Night Before seem to have lost some of their enthusiasm for their music. Do you think they will struggle to fit in 4 more tracks for next month?

J: Personally, I doubt it. They have been getting more and more involved with other bands out there who are very inspiring to them on a music and social point of view, as well as moving briefly into different styles of music to try and boost their own in musical knowledge. But, from an avid timekeeper's point of view, I do have my worries for next month financially and emotionally for the band. Of course, everyone has their off-weeks but in the modern day music business, that just simply isn't an option. There are bands like Faceless Culture who can produce stunning albums in less than a week. If we can try and boost our sales, we can eventually become like 1st Assault and Giant O' Mine, who can afford to leave at least 5 months gap between releases. Bands like ours, just cannot slow down without suffering in one way or another.

Released 08/13/2012
Released 08/17/2012

R: Are you suffering from some sort of financial trouble then?

J: At a first glance, no. But we have bills to pay for. The record label in advertising, graphic artists, studio all racks up to a sum that we simply cannot afford. The money's got to come from somewhere which is why I'm trying to encourage fans to look into some of the specialties we are nearly releasing on our website.

R: Specialties?

J: By that, I mean exclusive photography and videography. We should be releasing a booklet including some of our latest gig photos and quick snap shots of the guys practicing. If you want to pre-order these, you can always contact us on our website or on our social media.

Reporter: Thank you very much Mr Jones for allowing us this time with you. We hope you good wishes in the future, as I'm sure all your fans do as well.

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