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1. Hello Good Times of Old
2. Peasant
3. Journey of a Passenger
4. Fight Back
5. Fun and Games
6. That Bitter Taste
A look back on the past. A brief glance into the future. The Night Before has had quite a season, big releases such as Fight Back and Light's Absence have dominated their music lives. This album is not an intentional seller, more of a memorial to the band's evolution. Enjoy and become a fan of the band today!
Production, Management & Artwork by Hazaman
Scott of Scott's Republic
13/4/2013 04:22:57 am

After downloading this album, we decided to listen to Light's Absence, Cut Through Darkness, and Fight Back again. After listening to all of their albums, we swear that The Night Before is now one of our favorite POM bands. "Journey Of A Passenger", "Hello Good Times Of Old", and "That Bitter Taste" are our personal favorites off this album. In my opinion, this album is DEFINITELY worth the download.


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