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1. Neverending
2. The Truth of the Matter
3. The Secret Hides Within
4. Accepting Defeat
5. The Forgotten
6. Theoretically Incorrect

8. Not an Option
9. A Fugitive's Contemplation
10. I Tried So Hard (Not Hard Enough)
11. Redemption
The Fist's debut album contains some familiar tracks. Why's that? Their rhythm guitarist used to work solo. But that's beside the point. This album showcases The Fist's musical range, featuring melodic, poppy tunes as well as showing off their darker side.
Production by Agent Ohoolahan
Cover by TraceofHatred

Track "I Tried So Hard (Not Hard Enough)" features Chris & Martin from Suicide By Spoon

Random Fan
19/8/2012 03:51:53 pm

I heard how you guys got your name....pervs. Awesome album though!


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