Nothing Personal
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1. Witness Guilty
2. Gates
3. Minimalism
4. Blood At The Papers
5. My Labyrinthine Head

6. The Gallows Tree
7. Farewell
8. Another Side Of The Story
9. Rule Over All! (ft. Sons Of Seven Less)
10. We Shall Stand (ft. Hello Sunrise)

The guys of Nothing Personal decided to release their album on a big label! Their debut comes with 10 songs including 2 bonus collaboration.  If you'd like to know more about this band from L.A. check out their biography!  CLICK HERE
*includes album notes
Management, Production & Artwork by Wolffman
Special Thanks to Komorga, Son oF Seven Less, Powerstars & TheGhostofRickJames

Kane - This Band is Full of Spiders
22/9/2013 06:23:35 am

Absolutely fantastic debut album, mates. Looking forward to seeing more content from you.

Chris (KLNN Clone Radio)
25/9/2013 10:42:43 am

Hey! We're from the same hometown! Loved the album. Totally gonna get some airplay on the debut of KLNN Clone Radio: Revisited; The newest season of KLNN Clone Radio.

Javi - Sosl
29/9/2013 03:39:09 am

This is probably my 2nd favorite album on POM. Nice job wolffy!:D

10/10/2013 08:38:48 am

Excellent debut, mates. You really deserve to be on POM Records.
Keep doing this!

Kevin King - Emblem Distortion
28/11/2013 04:57:40 am

I'm digging this album. Great job mates!


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