1. Time Stops for No-one
2. Let It Slide

3. Journey of a Passenger
4. Life Spent Crying

As the band's first album, they wanted it to be a short preview of what's to come in the future. Their first songs originally put in the album were changed due to a new style their band manager Haza Jones (a now largely well known face around many young bands such as Hooded Hades and Reach) felt they should move towards. Having to work from scratch, the band members Derek, Damien, Rick and Lee all worked endlessly in the short time they were given to produce it. They're band artist and photographer, who's name must be kept confidential, also worked extremely hard to find the right material to get his client's album up and into the market. Mr Jones wishes fans the best wishes for future followings of "The Night Before".
Production by Hazaman
Album Cover by Hazaman
Management by Hazaman

Carlos of Scott's Republic
13/4/2013 04:51:22 am

Words cannot describe how much impact "Life Spent Crying" and "Journey Of A Passenger" has hit my heart.


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