....and the next Hello Sunrise album will be called...
title submitted by Nathan

  1. Horizons 70% 14 votes
  2. Roots 15% 3 votes
  3. Circuits 15% 3 votes

Thanks for Voting!
Greg Taylor - Faceless Culture
20/9/2012 16:04:37

Hey hey.... I voted for Horizons. And plus a song I helped out with is probably gonna be on there...... and.......

Martin - Suicide By Spoon
20/9/2012 17:47:16

Horizons is a cool name, but I felt like it was the most typical honestly. I can't remember which one I voted for, I think Circuits because it's the least common. All were good names though however, and hey, the most liked one won. Can't wait for the album.

Alex Anderson - The Random Factor
21/9/2012 07:06:45

Well, our suggestion didn't get picked. Now we're going to cry all night.

We're happy that Horizons won, though, we thought we liked it more than our own suggestion when we saw it actually. :D


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