Hello Sunrise
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1. It's Time!
2. Falling Bridges
3. Want it? Then Fetch!
4. Signs of Life Incomplete
5. A New Light

6. A Hole in the Heart
7. Progression of Aggression (ft. Rolf Monster)
8. The Unsolved Problem
9. Chasing for a Better End

After two years, Hello Sunrise has finally release their first LP, Horizons! This album contains 9 tracks that are energetic and fun to listen to! The album title was chosen in a contest here on POM Records!
*includes Album Notes
Management by Zenester
Productions by Zenester
Album Art by Spectre
Album Title chosen by Nathan
Promotion by TheGhostofRickJames
Rofl Monster for making a special appearance in “Progression of Aggression”

Alex~ The Random Factor
3/1/2013 04:53:07 am

"Rolf Monster"... love it!!

Kickass record!

3/1/2013 12:59:53 pm

One of the best album covers I've seen! Everything is perfectly placed, balanced & written in the composition. Spectre did an amazing job with it.

22/2/2013 02:19:02 am

Sweet album! Fills and Specials in all the right places. But Progression of Agression is honestly my favorite!

Zen - Hello Sunrise
12/10/2013 01:45:21 pm

Johhnny I love your last name haha.

Update: Album streams are available on my site. Go on it and have a listen to the whole album before downloading!


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