A long time ago the band Hello Sunrise was going through a identity crisis (hehe). They re-released 'Cycles' on POM Records and started fresh. But here's a previous review of it.
Not a groundbreaking album, but definitely a nice one. Hello Sunrise has been around for quite a while now, so it’s a surprise that this is their first album and that it features only 4 songs.

The first track “Lightly Away” shows the color of the band in the first seconds: a punk rock sound with sharp edges but with always a nice pop touch. The opener also provides some nice ska-punk beats around with fast guitars and great power chords. After a ska-break and a solo, we can hear Rofl Monster giving a last touch on the song with one of the best solos I’ve heard in a while.

The following “See it Through” mixes pretty well punk-pop with more heave aggressive riffs and metal beats, all following the same flow of ideas. Only problem here would be the fade in riffs by the end, but overall, a very nice song.

“Dead End” features the bands creativity at its best. It’s fast and jumps around a lot on drums, while the rhythm guitar tries to keep everything together. There are a lot of risks and unexpected elements going around, mostly for the best of the listener.

"Zealous" starts out right off the bat with creative mixes of specials and dual leads. The whole song actually is based on specials a lot and has a nice pop-punk feel. It feels all sunny in my speakers. The specials are not always perfect, but damn that the drums are awesome in this one!

Short album, but it worth the listen!

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