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1. Nothing To Rely On
2. Here Comes The Hero
3. A Broken Path

4. The Lies You Told
5. The Long Journey
6. In The End

From The Inside Out is a bunch of fun loving guys, who love writing music and playing it for anyone who wants to hear it. They're hoping to make it big, so help them out by checking out their first album!
Management by PunkRock
Production by PunkRock
Album Cover by PunkRock & TheGhostofRickJames

Avoid The Defeat
17/3/2013 01:46:29 am

hey I have a band in punk o matic 2 called Avoid The Defeat, plz upload my album with the image included, etc etc :D

Dalton - Faceless Culture
17/3/2013 01:52:17 am

Look, you can't just ask for something on someone's album. If you want, talk to TheGhostofRickJames, or Zenester...

Nicky - This Band is Full of Spiders
17/3/2013 09:47:08 am

Bloody swell album you've got here. Looking forward to seeing more work from you guys.

Matt - Faceless Culture
24/3/2013 11:51:37 am

One of the best Hard Rock albums I've heard up to date! Great job From The Inside Out!!

Alex - The Random Factor
28/3/2013 11:38:33 pm

Hey, cool sounds... definitely checking it out with the guys!!


Real tight album! Riffs in the right spots, fills in the right spots, the total package. I see this as the next-big-thing in POM Today!

- Screach

30/3/2013 04:43:01 pm

Yup, agreed, a really solid, must have Hard Rock album!

Lee - The Night Before
3/4/2013 04:07:36 am

wow I'll get some of the guys to check this out! Think Derek likes this kinda stuff but meh, I'll download it seeing as it's a must have


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