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1. Breakdown
2. Reborn
3. We The People

4. You Would
5. When We Return
6. It Remains (UNPLUGGED)

UNTAMED is a heavy album with lots of chugging rhythms, sick chorus's and tons of parts that make you want to headbang! Grab this best seller and must have metal album now! 
* Untamed is the best selling album on POM RECORDS!
Production by RIOTMAK3R
Cover Art by RIOTMAK3R

John - 1st Assault
19/8/2012 23:58:53

This album makes me want to bust some skulls open. Sick stuff FC.

Zen - Hello Sunrise
22/8/2012 13:34:04

Just listened to the album single and I gotta say, it's pretty good! Good work, guys!

Dalton - Faceless Culture
23/8/2012 19:54:24

Ha whoa! Thanks guys for downloading this makin it WAY AHEAD the album sales!

16/9/2012 21:18:54

First album I've downloaded from POM Records and man, I have to say it's AWESOME! My neck hurts from headbanging and i'm only halfway through 'Breakdown' :D

Brandon of Scott's Republic
28/9/2012 02:28:45

Every song in this album is worth it (and heavy!) so I advice everyone to download it. You guys are really awesome. I really hope your next albums would be as awesome as this album.

Screach from Anthems For Insubordinates
24/8/2013 15:14:50

The greatest metal album on POM, Without a freakin' doubt! Congrats for 100 downloads. A classic album for any POMer out there.

31/7/2014 23:44:06

Very good job. Keep it up.

HelloIdon't have a name
26/12/2014 14:31:54

MAN, this album is FUCKING Awesome......ImI +_+ ImI


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