Reviewed by PunkRock
I found this album to be quite enjoyable, because there were heavier tracks like "It Remains III" and tracks that had a massive lead guitar like "World-Wide Destruction." Most of the songs in this album were somewhat repetitive like "Vengeance" and "Riot." But then there were songs like "Nothing New" that had a GREAT intro and dissonance, along with some key changes really struck me by surprise and made me head-bang like crazy! And then there [is a] shorter song like "Metal Minute Madness" that [is] only a minute long and [is] VERY creative and VERY good. Overall this was a great album that I found to be very creative and to somewhat tells a story, as well as being really enjoyable and fun to listen to. Great job Faceless Culture!

Creativity: 8.5
Musicianship: 8
Enjoyability: 9
Overall Rating: 8
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