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1. Vengeance
2. Riot
3. Worldwide Destruction
4. Nothing New
5. It Remains III
6. Metal Minute Madness
This album will kick you so damn hard in the balls! After your sissy ass finally gets up, you'll headbang & mosh like a man. This album isn't for wimps! Untamed 2 is the sequel to Untamed 1, where the band has their last stand; pure metal. 

*includes back-cover 
Production & Management by Riot
Album Art by TheGhostofRickJames
30/3/2013 04:44:15 pm

Hell yes! Got my teeth knocked out after listening to this!

Screech - A.F.I.
2/4/2013 05:50:58 am

I'm surprised i'm alive after listening to it.

Kniss - This Band is Full of Spiders
2/4/2013 07:48:14 pm

Bad ass album, mates. Have to say that Worldwide Destruction is my favorite track so far.


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