Zenester: So I heard you're going to be making a documentary. What's your documentary going to cover?
FC: It's going to cover the whole story of the band from when it started up until today, stuff from the band that people don't know about, how it all started. Basically just letting all FC info out.

Zenester: What are some things to look out for?
FC: So far, look out for somethings that are going to be teased in the credits, album stuff, a lot.
But we are going to leave a surprise for FC fans at the end.

Zenester: For a refresher, can you explain the history of Faceless Culture?
FC: You'll have to find out about that when the movie comes out around Summer 2014.

Zenester: Haha, alright. Now, what was the band's greatest accomplishment?
FC: It had to be between 80+ downloads from Untamed on POM Records or making this film.

Zenester: And would you say that Untamed would be the album that FC is the most proud of?
FC: Somewhat yes, but later on an album is going to top that.

Zenester: What is your new album going to be like?
FC: It's going to bring both FC and Redemption back in one, 8 new FC tracks, 8 re-made Redemption tracks, and 3 bonus tracks.

Zenester: So many surprises! When will it be released or is that yet to be announced?
FC: It is yet to be announced but we'll go ahead and tell y'all, THIS MONTH.

Zenester: Can't wait! Next question. How has your touring been?
FC: The Road to Redemption tour? We haven't got to it yet, we need more bands.

Zenester: How many more bands?
FC: As many as we can get, we're going across the world!

Zenester: I hope that gets accomplished? Now, you have a strong reputation ever since you got signed. When you were first signed to POM records, how did you feel or what was it like to be on a record label?
FC: We felt stoked! POM Records was the first record we ever got our music out there. Also, our first FC album was posted on there. And to see the downloads stacking up, we felt we made an impact so early in our career. It puts your name out there, it build up fans, confidence, and dedication.

Zenester: What's your favorite thing about being in a band?
FC: We get to bring more metal to metal fans, and get fans. We also love to interact with them, share stuff and get ideas from them.

Zenester: That's great! As for Faceless Culture, what are your plans for the future?
FC: A lot, more on that later on.

Zenester: Like, any new music videos?
FC: Yes, planning on one right now.

Zenester: What song is it going to be for?
FC: We're keeping it a secret but it's coming out soon!

Zenester: Neat! I'm gonna conclude the interview and here's the last question, is there anything else we should know?
FC: 3, just think about it.

Zenester: 3 years? 3 albums? 3 seems vague to me but it sure seems to be worth the wait! Thanks  for the interview!
FC: You're welcome!

Check out more from Faceless Culture here: http://pomrecords.weebly.com/faceless-culture.html

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