Interview by Zenester (POM Records Agent)
Q. How do you guys feel today?

A. Feeling really good. Our manager is working on Faceless Fest, we're readying up for our Wanna Be Reckless tour!

Q. What's different about your latest album, "Wanna be Reckless" and your first album, "Untamed"?

A. Wanna Be Reckless has A LOT more tracks then Untamed, and we got some soft tracks in Wanna Be Reckless, and Untamed had no soft tracks.......

Q. Out of all songs on "Wanna be Reckless", which song would you say is your favorite?

A. I was going to say So Far Away, or It Remains II, but Fight Back is our most favorite!

Q. Where do you guys hope to go with your music, style-wise and career-wise?

A. All the way to the mother f*cking top! We hope to be the longest and best band on POM in the future. We're planning to go many directions!

Q. What should we expect from your music videos for this album?

A. Yeah, we have a video out for Broken Bones. We're not done yet, we'll still be coming at y'all with more. You will expect that we can do better, and we WILL do better.

Q. Who are some artists that you would like to collab with sometime?

A. 1st Assault for sure, ThisCityMustFall, and I'm also looking to collab with some singers, anybody out there!

Q. What are your favorite bands?

A. 1st Assault, ThisCityMustFall, Suicide By Spoon, Poetic, Spanky Revolution, and SECKS ROMP! I liked their song they used for BOTB 1

Q. How do you feel about performing on the Faceless Fest and Wanna be Reckless Tour?

A. Feel pretty good man. We're gonna go out there, and give the fans what we got! We'll leave them with their eyes wide open and sh*t in their pants!

Q. Any last words you would like to share with us?

A. Yes. To all the fans of FC out there, we're working on our CHRISTMAS ALBUM! It will be delivered to POM Records around December, and we're also working on our next album! We'll leave you a hint, it's gonna be a sequel from one of our previous albums.
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