A long time ago, POM.net member Hiti reviewed Punk Riots. Download the album to read the full story on "PUNK RIOTS"!
So, when i first said i’d do the review on this heavy, little, punk-piece ensemble of an E.P, i was not prepared for what was to swim around my ears in such a short and sharp way; then smack me in the face like i’d been oblivious to its warning.

Lads and lasses, I give you Punk Riots E.P, by TheGhostofRickJames, and Spectre. Both artists i feel need to introduction to those who have been around the POM community for some time. Since coming back, this album was the first one i downloaded and i’d like to pre-coat this review article in saying that i was not disappointed in any way from the two artists involved. A lot of energy and time has been given to this E.P and you would be doing yourself a massive disservice to not download it for your own ears......

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