Q: What's taken you guys so long? Geezus!
A: Fuck off, we've had a bunch of issues & shit.

Q: What's the tunes gonna be like?
A: They're pretty heavy but have some slight melodic elements. Now don't freaking expect some pansy frilly sissy shit. It's gonna be heavy, so heavy you'll punch anyone next to ya.

Q: Why just 4 tracks?
A: You got a problem with 4? Quit bitching.  They're tracks we've had for over a year & a half. Lots of things have happened and changed but we want fans to hear them.

Q: Any videos for it?
A: Man, of course there's gonna be a video! Chicks dig videos!

Interview by Randy / Interviewee Winston (Lead Guitar)

Tyler - Faceless Culture
29/8/2012 20:35:35

Now that was badass >:D

24/3/2013 13:33:19

"Fuck off, we've had a bunch of issues & shit?"

Bitch, quit whining. I drink and drink and drink and you don't hear me bitching. Oh wait. I guess I'm technically bitching right now.


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