Hey, the polls for the PPA are up and ready! Please cast your votes!

You have until January 2nd to vote! Every vote is appreciated. If you're a finalist, do what you can and gather support. If  you want to support the PPA, I would like to ask you to link to the page as often as possible, The more votes, the betterWhen the polls close, the results will be gathered and the results will be up on January 20th.

Good luck, everyone! The PPA was fun to run. 

1st Assault is out with their latest song! It's been a very long time since they released something! Get ready to headbang! 




Faceless Culture
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1. Retribution
2. Marathon
3. Battle
4. Trench
5. Mad Death
6. Consequences
7. Opposite
8. Project X

9. The End of the Road
10. Crush The World
11. Dreams
12. Drag Me Back
13. Alchemist Raptor
14. Make Up Your Mind
15. Die Alone
16. Heroes
17. Chill Pill
18. Fall of Justice
19. Remember Me
Bringing both worlds together. Faceless Culture is back with their most longest album yet, featuring 8 brand new made tracks, 8 remade tracks from their "Redemption" times and 3 bonus tracks that will leave you amazed. Redemption brings Faceless Culture Then and Now together!  Just like the good ol' times.....with a ton of headbanging!
*Tracks 9-16 are from the bands early "Redemption" days.
*Tracks 17-19 are bonuses